The Ukufunda Virtual School

The Ukufunda Virtual School offers personalised learning and teaching both in and beyond the classroom, anywhere, anytime.

Ukufunda, which means “learn” in isiZulu, is the name of the virtual school that was developed by Mxit Reach, UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education. It’s an innovation in the South African education system that will address inequalities in the school system, raise education standards and put the power of education in the hands of every learner, teacher and parent.

Ukufunda was modelled on schools that are regarded as centres of excellence. At these institutions, educators and learners alike had access to good quality learning aids and content, psychosocial support in the form of counsellors and extra-mural activities such as debating clubs. These key components are replicated in Ukufunda - learners, educators and parents have access to learning resources and content, counselling and safety services, a central communication and notification hub and many other value-added services and programmes.

While there are other virtual schools and mobile-enabled educational technology, these are either only available via the web or if though a mobile app, usually restricted to smart devices. In South Africa, as in many countries, access to the web and ownership of a smart device is beyond the reach of those who need it the most. Ukufunda is unique because it breaks down those barriers and allows accessibility and support across 8 000 mobile devices, and reaches areas where only 2G connectivity is available.

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