About Mxit


Mxit is a South African mobile social network with millions of monthly active users. The majority of our users are located in South Africa, and other key markets include India, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Mxit puts conversation at the heart of everything and we facilitate conversations between people that you know, new people that you meet on Mxit, and organisations. These organisations can be brands, NGOs or government.

Mxit is incredibly data-light, so users can spend more time chatting learning or playing, and an average user logs on 5 times, and spends 105 minutes per day on Mxit.

One of Mxit's core strengths is our ability to tailor features with market-specific focus, and original localised content targeted at emerging market youth. In many ways Mxit is the first Internet experience for users in developing countries and we are still unrivalled in terms of our ability to provide a smart experience for feature phone users.

In the past year, we have sharpened our focus on smart applications, whilst maintaining interoperability on more than 8000 devices, including tablets.


Mxit Reach is a registered Public Benefit Organisation established to inspire and improve lives through the development of innovative and cost-effective mobile solutions. Mxit Reach partners with organisations such as UNICEF, loveLife, and Childline. Every month over 1 million people access educational, health and counselling services via Mxit Reach.

Mxit Reach believes that one of the most important roles we play is to act as a technology conduit, linking experts and their content and services with the people who need it most. At the same time, we continue to push boundaries and innovate around the potential of mobile phones to drive cost-effective and substantial positive change in our society.


Pondering Panda is a consumer insights company that uses the connectedness of mobile and online technology to find out what people really think. Using the best analytical approaches, we deliver insights that have real value right now. We engage with millions of people, across the demographic spectrum, in real time.